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Well, not an official installment, but with the art quality, it probably could be! DA artist :iconcsy5150: (CSY) has been working with his team to create Gundam SEED A-Star for several years now and the first chapter has FINALLY been released. It's currently an all-Korean franchise, however, with the help of yours-truly, I'm going to be creating the English translation of the series and doing the English advertising for the series.

Please join the group :icongundam--seed--a-star: and show your support!
(I'm also a co-founder there!)

I haven't been fully briefed on the plot yet, but you can check out PHASE 1, which was just uploaded today, here:…
Sorry bros!
I actually got back from Japan a month ago Friday. There were a ton of Gundam stuffs, but I was just so fucking busy there! :P I did pick up a Blitz Gundam model, though... and managed to cut the wrist joints off with the cutters.

I was also working on the translation, and got side-tracked with some Japan-limited Gundam SEED comics, such as Gundam SEED Re: and the Gundam SEED Suit CD book.

I'll get back into things in a bit, but school in Canada is pressing back on me!
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Updated March 3rd, 2011

:bulletpink: No group whoring. This group is NOT to get artists pageviews. This group is for the distribution and appreciation of the serise Gundam SEED and ZAFT based art. THANK YOU~~!!

Member and General Rules

:bulletyellow: Traditional Art requirements:…

:bulletgreen: Posts/art may be written in ANY language.
:bulletgreen: All art submitted MUST be ZAFT related (if you want to upload Kira Yamato pics he must be in ZAFT uniform)
:bulletgreen: You can submit OCs (highly encouraged), but they MUST be wearing ZAFT uniforms.
:bulletgreen: All types of art are allowed EXCEPT those using SCREENSHOTS and just re-coloring them for OCs.
:bulletgreen: If someone submits a pairing and you don't like it, or are a homophobe, then shoo.
:bulletgreen: POLITE critiquing is allowed.
:bulletgreen: MATURE debates ARE allowed. Founder and Co-Founders have power to decide together on whether a debate is mature.
:bulletgreen: Disagrements are allowed when handled maturely.
:bulletgreen: Mature content (+18) is allowed, preferably no full on nudity.
:bulletgreen: Only those with more than one piece of ZAFT fanart will be accepted as contributors and must have at least lower-amature talent (No mEsSY submissions).
:bulletgreen: Crossover artwork is allowed.


:bulletred: Theives will be BANNED.
:bulletred: Tracing is stealing, btw.
:bulletred: Those who insult other members, including flaming them will be removed unless they send the member a well thoughtout appologie and they accept it.
:bulletred: Flaming gay/bi/lesbian members or artwork will will result in BANNED for life - No exceptions.
:bulletred: Do not reproduce racial or homophobic slurs (ie. "That's gay," "Nig," "fag,")
:bulletred: Being racist will get you kicked, w/o apology from you, being openly racialist will get you banned permanently.
:bulletred: rly Bad gRmr and txt tlk is prohibited on main page. No one wants a headache from your comments (The occasional U, lol, fer rl, fo sho, omggtfoBBQ, wtf, etc. is OKAY).
:bulletred: Excessive swearing is not allowed, but hell, if you whanna swear sometimes, feel free.

Cosplay (requirements):

:bulletblue: Photos MUST be clear and taken with an High Definition, professional or high-mega pixel camera (and must still be kept clear).
:bulletblue: Costumes must be decently well-made.
:bulletblue: Cosplayers must take tasteful photos -- Not just a ton of photos of them in semi-different posses. It must look like some of them are from different photo shoots.



:bulletpurple: For quality control only those with what admins deem as "acceptable" quality will be accepted as a contributor. They should have the ability to up ranks to contributor and also they may demote people to member. If you have an issue, note Knifeless-juliet, although she trusts the co-founders' decisions.


:bulletpink: Are only made upon :iconthirdecho:'s own discretion.









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